trainer CIBA

Price: 28.050 CZK

The primary purpose of the CIBA spike trainer is to facilitate proper spike run-up and swing technique practices. The machine allows the coach to precisely repeat a given set with multiple repetitions for significant progress in technique. Setting up the conditions for the spike is simple; By rotating the machine your players can practice hitting a line, cut, or a deep diagonal. It is fully height-adjustable and fully-rotational. Additionally, mobile, fully deconstructable, and easy to set up and transport elsewhere.
trainer CIBA trainer CIBA - nástavec na přihrávku trainer CIBA 1 trainer CIBA 2 trainer CIBA 3 trainer CIBA 3 trainer CIBA 5 trainer CIBA 6


Easily deconstructable and compact for ease of storage. Transport of our CIBA product is possible with a regular family car.


All of our products are easy to move around the court to fit the needs of any possible drill.


Our lightweight aluminium construction provides all the required stability and cuts down on weight.

Anti-slip surface

Our CIBA product features a full set of lockable wheels that allow the construction to stay in place.

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